The cost of a booking is 3 € per person, payable online with

Thanks to this booking you will avoid the queue, but you still need to pay your tickets at the welcome desk (with cash or card).

If you arrive on time, the 3 € will be fully redeemed. In other words, those 3 € will be deducted from each purchased ticket upon arrival.

  • Fully redeemed if you arrive on time.
  • Not redeemable if you arrive more than 10 minutes late (you can still use your booking pass until the end of the day, but cannot redeem it).
  • The redeemable amount is per person (if one person is missing in your group, you cannot redeem his 3 €).
  • Not redeemable if you arrive with 1 or 2 more people than booked (but you can still use it).
  • Non-refundable and non-postponable in case of a no-show or cancellation.
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